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Love Me Tender 1956
20th Century Fox
Produced by David Weisbart
Directed by Robert D. Webb
Running Time: 89 minutes
Released: November 16, 1956
Love Me Tender; Let Me Be; Poor Boy; We`re Gonna Move
Vance ... Richard Egan
Cathy ... Debra Paget
Clint ... Elvis Presley
Siringo ... Robert Middleton
Brett Reno ... William Campbell
Mike Gavin ... Neville Brand
The Mother ... Mildred Dunnock

Loving You 1957
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Directed by Hal Kanter
Running Time: 101 minutes
Released: July 9, 1957
Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear; Got A Lot Of Livin` To Do; Loving You; Lonesome Cowboy; Hot Dog; Mean Woman Blues; Let`s Have A Party
Deke Rivers ... Elvis Presley
Glenda ... Lizabeth Scott
Tex Warner ... Wendell Corey
Susan Jessup ... Dolores Hart
Carl ... James Gleason

Jailhouse Rock 1957
20th Century Fox
Produced by Pandro S. Berman
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Running Time: 96 minutes
Released: October 21, 1957
Jailhouse Rock; Treat Me Nice; Young And Beautiful; I Wanna Be Free; Don`t Leave Me Now; Baby, I Don`t Care;
Vince Everett ... Elvis Presley
Peggy Van Alden ... Judy Tyler
Hunk Houghton ... Mickey Shaughnessy
Sherry Wilson ... Jennifer Holden

King Creole 1958
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Running Time: 115 minutes
Released: June 4, 1958
King Creole; As Long As I Have You; Hard Headed Woman; Trouble; Dixieland Rock; Don`t Ask Me Why; Lover Doll; Crawfish; Young Dreams; Steadfast, Loyal And True; New Orleans
Danny Fisher ... Elvis Presley
Ronnie ... Carolyn Jones
Nellie ... Dolores Hart
Mr.Fisher ... Dean Jagger
Maxie Fields ... Walter Matthau
Mimi ... Jan Shepard

G.I.Blues 1960
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Directed by Norman Taurog
Running Time: 104 minutes
Released: October 20, 1960
G.I. Blues; Tonight Is So Right For Love; Frankfurt Special; Wooden Heart; Pocketful Of Rainbows; Didja Ever; What`s She Really Like; Shoppin` Around; Big Boots; Doin` The Best I Can; Blues Suede Shoes
Tulsa McLean ... Elvis Presley
Rick ... James Douglas
Cooky ... Robert Ivers
Lili ... Juliet Prowse
Tina ... Leticia Roman

Flaming Star 1960
20th Century Fox
Produced by David Weisbart
Directed by Don Siegel
Running Time: 101 minutes
Released: December 20, 1960
Flaming Star; A Cane And A High Starched Collar; Britches
Pacer Burton ... Elvis Presley
Clint Burton ... Steve Forrest
Roslyn Pierce ... Barbara Eden
Neddy Burton ... Dolores Del Rio
Pa Burton ... John McIntyre
Buffalo Horn ... Rudolfo Acosta

Wild In The Country 1961
20th Century Fox
Produced by Jerry Wald
Directed by Philip Dune
Running Time: 114 minutes
Released: June 15, 1961
Lonely Man; I Slipped, I Stumbeld, I Fell; In My Way; Wild In The Country; Husky Dusky Day
Glenn Tyler ... Elvis Presley
Irene Sperry ... Hope Lange
Noreen ... Tuesday Weld
Betty Lee ... Millie Perkins
Cliff Macy ... Gary Lockwood
Monica George ... Christina Crawford

Blue Hawaii 1961
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Directed by Norman Tourog
Running Time: 101 minutes
Released: November 14, 1961
Blue Hawaii; Almost Always True; Aloha Oe; No More; Can`t Help Falling In Love; Rock-a-Hula Baby; Moonlight Swim; Ku-u-i-po; Ito Eats; Slicin` Sand; Hawaiian Wedding Song
Chad Gates ... Elvis Presley
Maile Duval ... Joan Blackman
Abigail Prentace ... Nancy Walters
Fred Gates ... Roland Winters
Sarah Lee Gates ... Angela Lansbury
Jack Kelman ... John Archer

Follow That Dream 1962
United Artist
Produced by David Weisbart
Directed by Gordon Douglas
Running Time: 110 minutes
Released: March 29, 1962
What A Wonderful Life; I`m Not The Marrying Kind; Sound Advice; Follow That Dream; Angel
Toby Kwimper ... Elvis Presley
Pop Kwimper ... Arthur O`Connell
Holy Jones ... Anne Helm
Alicia Claypoole ... Joanna Moore

Kid Galahad 1962
United Artist
Produced by David Weisbart
Directed by Phil Karlson
Running Time: 95 minutes
Released: July 25, 1962
King Of The Whole Wide World; This Is Living; Riding The Rainbow; Home Is Where The Heart Is; I Got Lucky; A Whistling Tune
Walter Gulick ... Elvis Presley
Willey Grogan ... Gig Young
Dolly Fletcher ... Lola Albright
Rose Grogan ... Joan Blackman
Lew Nyack ... Charles Bronson

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