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"Follow Me To Tennessee" book

The guys behind the Essential Elvis magazine are working on a book on visiting Memphis and Graceland. This book, titled "Follow Me To Tennessee" is an "Englishman's guide to the Elvis hangouts" and is due for release later this year. Source:

The new book ‘The Love Me Tender Years Diary’

The book "The Love Me Tender Years Diary" by Trude Forsher has been released. Trude Forsher was Colonel Parker's assistant from 1956-1961. She later was a television show producer in Los Angeles and a human rights activist. The book is a 194 pages paperback, published by BookSurge Publishing on August 21, 2006 written by Trude Forsher (deceased) and her son James Forsher (editor) Source:

We represent your attention: Ian Massera and Elvis Tribute Show «ALOHA FROM HAWAII» (SEPTEMBER 09, 2006 - ZURICH)

[b]Ian Massera[/b] has created [b]Elvis Tribute Show[/b] in 1980 and today he’s recognized to be one of the best Elvis Presley ’s imitators. Musical arrangement (25 musicians), copies of suits, the surroundings of representation and, certainly, Ian’s voice (and his love to great Elvis) - will allow to plunge into an atmosphere of king’s of rock’n’roll music, to transfer to 1973 and to present itself the witness of this historical event. Ian Massera is planning to visit Russia with concert at a support of Official Russian Elvis Presley Fan Club in future. Follow news… [a1][a2][a3]

August 16, 1977 - August 16, 2006 ... Elvis, we still love you and miss you.

Memphis, Tennessee Celebrate Elvis in Memphis on August 8-16 with a week full of events, including concerts, conference, dances, charitable events and more [a1][a2]Elvis Week[a3]

Monday, March 27, 2006: Graceland officially a National Historic Landmark

It's official today - Elvis Presley's Graceland is a National Historic Landmark. Source:

The new book ‘Elvis Starring in Oklahoma’

Here's the art cover of new project from JAT Productions. The book "Elvis Starring in Oklahoma" scheduled for December 12th, 2006 will focus on Elvis' opening show of the July 1975 tour.

‘Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 2’ DVD

JAT Productions are still working on their DVD project "Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 2" and intend to be released in early 2007


New book by Larry Geller

Larry Geller, Elvis former hairdresser and “spiritual” friend is working on a new book entitled “Leaves Of Elvis Garden”. It deals with Elvis interest in the spiritual world and contains conversations, Elvis’ experiences and passages and quotes from his favorite books and more. Larry claims he and Elvis discussed writing a book on this subject, this should be the extension of that. The reason for the title is that Larry gave Elvis a book “Leaves Of Morya’s Garden” which he buried in the Meditation Garden

Charlie Hodge Passed Away

Elvis’s loyal sidekick, Charlie Hodge lost his battle with lung cancer latter part of Friday March 3rd afternoon and passed away. Charlie Hodge, 71, was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2005 and despite this, he continued to perform at Memories Theatres for the love of his fans. He had a couple of treatments of radiation therapy in between December and January. Source:

Elvis A. Presley Junior High School.

Michael Bates, Principle of Humes Middle School announced that in August of this year the school will be renamed Elvis A. Presley Junior High School. Plans to re-renovate the school are in the works as well. Source:

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