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Linda and Sam Thompson to write book

By August 2007, Linda and Sam Thompson hope to have their memoirs in writing. For years and after the divorce with Priscilla, Linda was Elvis’s girlfriend. Her brother Sam worked as a bodyguard for Elvis in the late seventies Source:


STAR is back, with an incredible follow-up, which editing surpasses the first volume! Once again STAR delivers a “no-talk, no b.s. product”, but a dvd which will be played over and over! 24 New ROCKERS/SWINGERS/KILLERS and REMIXES, and some “christmas” eggs as bonuses! Tracklisting: REMIXED: Ready Teddy/Burning Love/Kissin Cousins #3/I Got A Woman/If You Talk In Your Sleep/Johhny B Goode. ROCKERS: King Creole take 18/Money Honey/Doncha Think It’s Time/Hard Headed Woman/Blue Suede Shoes/My Baby Left Me. SWINGERS: Stuck On You/Hey, Hey, Hey/Baby What You Want Me To Do/Road Medley 2006/Devil In Disquise/Swing Down Sweet Chariot. KILLERS: That’s All Right/A Big Hunk O’Love/Steamroller Blues/Early Morning Rain/Polk Salad Annie/I Can’t Stop Loving You. Highlights: BURNING LOVE an incredible new clip combining footage from both rehearsals and live performances (1972) JOHNNY B. GOODE finally a “proper” edited version, WITHOUT the talking as on the 25th dvd. KING CREOLE take 18, Fantastic clip, although this version has a much slower tempo, then the released version, the editing is awesome! HEY, HEY, HEY A new high-tech clip, gives a totally new dimension to this song, this could (should) be released officially! ROAD MEDLEY 2006, outtake footage, combined with outtake audio, and even some unexpected surprises are included DEVIL IN DISQUISE, this may come as a shock to some fans, it is “an ode to Plastic Pris” THAT’S ALL RIGHT – live version from 1971, soundboard sound, Elvis in Black Matador jumpsuit! Source:

Elvis, Linda & Me released

This book by Linda Thompson's best girlfriend, Jeanne LeMay Dumas has been released by Author House.It features rare photos and stories by a person who was there as Elvis' relationship with Linda Thompson developed and flourished. Source:

Elvis Presleys White Grand Piano from Graceland

This piano will be sold to the highest bidder at No Reserve. We estimate the piano could sell for between $3,000,000-$5,000,000. All bids over $1,000,000 must be pre-registered and qualified. A world wide press release will be issued after the sale is complete. Payment is due within 3 business days after close of auction. If you choose to remain anonymous, please let us know. If you have any further questions, please call us at 1-800-975-3229 or email us at Source:

Release Date November 27, 2006 Memphis Recording Service Volume 2

The package comes with huge contributions from many well known Elvis collectors and authors Details: 1. BOOK - THE RISE OF ELVIS PRESLEY - 1955 The book containing nearly 400 pages of exclusive new information on Elvis Presley in 1955 is written by Joseph Pirzada and John Michael Heath with many contributors including Scotty Moore. See the hundreds of historical rare insider documents and photographs, many of which have never been seen before. This is a journey to over 300 shows that year (more than any other year in his lifetime) with great stories and exclusive new information on this most updated compilation on Elvis in 1955. 2. ORIGINAL 45RPM SUN MASTER 223 ‘MYSTERY TRAIN’ VINYL REPRESS The original Sun 223 45rpm issue of 'Mystery Train' was Elvis Presley's last record on the Sun Record Label released in August 1955. Since then, it is now released here for the first time in its original format, processed from the same mother stamper Sun used in 1955. If you have never been fortunate to own the original we present 'Mystery Train' back in its original format. 3. DVD-VIDEO, DVD-AUDIO & DOLBY DIGITAL DVD DISC PLEASE NOTE - The DVD is a DVD-Audio / Dolby Digital Disc. It does not play in CD only players. Only in DVD players and DVD-ROM. Below is Explanation A. UNRELEASED FILM – JIMMIE RODGERS MEMORIAL CELEBRATION MERIDIAN MISSISSIPPI - MAY 25TH 1955. THIS CLIP CONTAINS THE FIRST EXISTING KNOWN ELVIS FOOTAGE NEVER BEFORE SEEN. B. 40 TRACKS MOST OF WHICH ARE NEWLY SOURCED MASTERS NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 1955 STUDIO – MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE 1. Baby Let’s Play House 2. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone 3. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 4. Mystery Train 5. Trying To Get To You 6. When It Rains It Really Pours 7. How Do You Think I Feel? (SESSION) ‘How Do You Think I Feel?’ exist’s only from the echo track tape which was linked to Scotty’s guitar making it very hard to distinguish Elvis’ vocals. 1955- RADIO STATION ACETATES & INTERVIEWS JAN 6TH KDVA RADIO- Cotton Club, Lubbock Texas 8. Fool, Fool, Fool 9. Shake, Rattle, and Roll INTERVIEWS 10. July 29th 1955 Jacksonville FL - Mae Axton interview Elvis 11. August 10th 1955 KSIJ Radio Commercial Gladewater TX 12. August 31st 1955 Memphis TN – Bob Neal interview Elvis, Scotty and Bill 1955 LIVE RECORDINGS Louisiana Hayride - January 15th 13. Hayride Begins Jingle 14. Hearts Of Stone *15 That’s All Right *16 Tweedle Dee Louisiana Hayride – January 22nd *17. Money Honey 18. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 19. I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine 20. That’s All Right Eagle’s Hall, Houston Texas- March 19 21. Good Rockin’ Tonight 22. Baby Let’s Play House 23. Intro/Blue Moon Of Kentucky 24. Intro/I Got A Woman 25. Intro/That’s All Right ALL TRACKS SPEED CORRECTED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER Louisiana Hayride - April 30th *26.Tweedle Dee Louisiana Hayride – July 16th #27. I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone Louisiana Hayride - August 20th 28. Baby Let’s Play House 29. Maybellene 30. That’s All Right 31. Hayride Ends Jingle * PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED IN ITS ENTIRITY # PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED IN ITS ENTIRITY AND RESTORED BONUS TRACKS - 1954 STUDIO – MEMPHIS RECORDING SERVICE 32. I’ll Never Stand In Your Way 33. IT Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You 34. Harbour Lights 35. I Love You Because 36. Blue Moon 37. Tomorrow Night 38. I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’) 39. Just Because 40. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (Slow Version) Source:

New DVD from Memory Records.

ELVIS BICENTENNIAL: MDVD - 2006, Rosebud Studios, Total Run Time: 60 min. Production Company: Memory Records.This DVD comes from the Memory Records label. They give us 2 concerts from 1976. The first you will see is the incomplete show from Charlotte, march 20 and contains 15 tracks. The second incomplete show is from Chicago, october 15 and contains 13 tracks. All the footage comes from a 8 MM source and is overdubbed with soundboard audio. Source:


Elvis was definitely "in the building" as shooting began September 1 on an Orem soundstage for an independent motion picture about the King of Rock and Roll and his spiritual journey of discovery, including his little-known serious study of the Book of Mormon and his contacts with missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The last hours of Elvis Presley's life at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee are portrayed in dramatic and authentic detail in "Tears of a King", as he struggled to overcome his addictions to prescription drugs and sought for religious truths. Much of his life and career are retold in flashback sequences. Elvis is played by actor Matt Lewis, who bears a strong physical resemblance to The King, and with the help of foam prosthetics and the skills of makeup artist Tara Starling, his on-screen appearance at different stages of Elvis's life will enthrall even the most devoted of Presley's fans. He sings several songs in the movie, and visitors to the movie set found it hard to distinguish Lewis's singing voice from actual Elvis recordings. The movie is planned for a release in 2007 timed to the 30th anniversary of Elvis's death. At the same time, a separate documentary will also be released. It will feature interviews with Alan Osmond and other friends, fans and missionaries sharing their experiences with the King of Rock and Roll. (Taken from Press Release) Source:

Sheila Ryan writing memoir

Next to Priscilla and Linda Thompson, Sheila Ryan is the next best known of Elvis' partners in the 1970s. She is also known as a Playboy Cover Girl (October 1973). Once married to film and TV star, James Caan, Ms Ryan is writing her memoir called "Fame On Me". Elvis World's Bill E. Burk says: " 'Tis said Sheila will reveal a lot of their "pillow talk" in her book and has access to a ton of Elvis photos". Source:

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