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Graceland Opens New Exhibit "Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access"

The Greatest-Ever Display of Elvis Presley's Dazzling and Iconic Stage Outfits. Exhibit Features 56 Costumes Elvis Wore During the 1969-1977 Period. Source:,


Elvis Presley electrified the world and endeared himself to generations of fans with his talent, charisma, good looks, humor and genuine kindness. Now the city of Honolulu, Hawaii will honor Elvis during the 30th anniversary year of his passing with a life-sized bronze sculpture. The statue will commemorate the King’s 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert. Created with the permission of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. The statue will stand in the Neal S. Blaisdell Center, formerly known as the Honolulu International Center, site of the historic Aloha from Hawaii event Source:

FTD Unchained Melody Out Now

Love Me - Fairytale - You Gave Me A Mountain - Jailhouse Rock - O Sole Mio / It’s Now Or Never - Little Sister - Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel - My Way - Moody Blue –intro only - How Great Thou Art - Hurt - Hound Dog - Unchained Melody - Can’t Help Falling In Love - Moody Blue - Blueberry Hill - Love Letters - Where No One Stands Alone -Release Me - Trying To Get To You - Reconsider Baby - Why Me Lord. Source:

Elvis Presley - Paternity Suit (book+DVD)

Unknown facts that deal with events and parts of Elvis Presley's life will be made available worldwide for the very first time. "Elvis Presley- Paternity Suit", the latest product by world famous Elvis historian and author of "Elvis: Behind The Image" Bud Glass is out now! Published by "Praytome Publishing" this 100 pages, full colored, hardback book co-operates perfectly with the included full length 95 minutes DVD documentary. The documentary is like an exciting thriller and will put the viewer back and forth emotionally. The book goes along this line and has original court documents and photos that allow your own research for the mystery behind the most controversial sex scandal in the history of music. Source:


Destined to become the most examined and talked about Book since "Elvis, What Happened?" Source:



This series does not need introduction, again STAR delivers an incredible DVD, with 35 newly re-edited clips, like the first 3 volumes, all the clips are made in a less “movie” way, and the accent is on the performance of Elvis; the reason why we are fans! Movies included this time are: THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS, FLAMING STAR, IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLDS FAIR and EASY COME, EASY GO. Not only all the songs from the movies are included, but again there are lots of bonuses to make it even more fun: U.S. MALE – close up footage of Elvis from the movie The Trouble With Girls, a very funny clip! BRITCHES, we see “a gail in britches” and Elvis on horse, where it SHOULD have been in the movie, but was deleted. Also from Flaming Star : BLACK STAR , The movie version of SUMMER KISSES, and the END TITLE version of FLAMING STAR. WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT WHERE TO, still pictures from It Happened At The Worlds Fair, this clips tries to tell that Elvis has lost grip on the movies, and does not know “WHAT NEXT”.. he dreamed about movie contracts, but they were very dissapointing to him (“You were part, of every dream i dreamed... how could i know our castles were build upon the sand....”) GONNA GET BACK HOME SOMEHOW Behind the scenes footage of Elvis on the set. I GOTTA KNOW – rare pictures of Elvis during Flaming Star. Make sure you get the “REAL thing” with the REAL cover, made with love “By fans, for fans”. Don’t support the ones, made only for the money. Source:

A Poem Elvis Wrote In 1977

‘I sit here alone, thinking, watching how the moon’s light glows…’ Found tucked in a Bible Elvis gave to Jim Hill (Wanda June Hill husband) for his birthday Source:

Celebrate Elvis Volume 1

is the latest book announced by Memphis Mafia member, Joe Esposito. The softcover book (ISBN: 0977894533) is to be released this month and features 104 pages of uplifting stories designed to enlighten, entertain and inform. Source:

Elvis the "Dream Flight" King

If travelers could create their own dream flight, they would like to sit next to Elvis. This is the result from a research issued by British Airways. Elvis received 10% from the votes from 2000 people. Princes Diana is second on the list. The people who have answered have chosen mostly dead celebreties like Frank Sinatra and Martin Luther King. Under the modern celebreties, Madonna and Bill Clinton got a high ranking like John Lennon, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Other names in the list are Prince William, Jimi Hendrix, George Best, Sir Paul McCartney and Audry Hepburn. Source:

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