Memories & Biographies

Revelations Of The Memphis Mafia by Nash, Alanna, 1995
HarperCollins , New York

This is an unusually honest Elvis biography which manages to treat his memory fondly and sympathetically but which is not afraid to delve into the darker side of his life and background either. Pieced together from the memories of some of his closest friends, there is a seam of humour running through the book as they recall extraordinary incidents from Elvis's life (and even from his family's life before he was born) with a deadpan matter-of-factness. It is also intriguing and sometimes amusing to read three different takes of the same event. I don't suppose anyone will ever manage to encapsulate the complete Elvis, with all his complexities and contradictions, in one single book but I have read several biographies now and this one, above all the others, makes you feel like you've done more than just scratch the surface. So all in all I'd definitely recommend the book as readable, enlightening and an important addition to the Elvis canon.
From Memphis To Hollywood By Alan Fortas, 1992
Popular Culture, Ink. , Ann Arbor (MI)

This work is about the life of the King of Rock-and-Roll through the eyes of a friend and former member of Elvis's "Memphis Mafia", Alan Fortas, nephew of Associate Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, who spent nearly 12 years close to Elvis from 1957 into the late 1960s, and was on-stage with Elvis at his televised 1968 Singer "Comeback Special". His fond recollections of the most interesting and turbulent period in Presley's life and career aim to provide personal insight, and historical perspective.
Me'n Elvis By Charlie Hodge, Charles Goodman, 1988
Castle Books , Memphis (TN)

Elvis' friend Charlie Hodge tells the story of life with the King
Good Rockin' Tonight: Twenty Years On The Road And On The Town With Elvis by
Esposito, Joe ; Oumano, Elena, 1994
Simon & Schuster , New York (NY)

Elvis' friend, and road manager tells the story of life with the King, from their army days together until the end, when he found Elvis dead at Graceland.
Sergeant Presley - Our Untold Story Of Elvis's Missing Years By Rex Mansfield, 2002
ECW Press , Toronto, Canada

Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield tells their story about Elvis army years
D. J. Fontana Remembers Elvis By D.J. Fontana, 1981
Curtis Wood Publications , Nashville (TN)

Memories of Elvis Presley's friend and drummer D.J. Fontana
That's Alright, Elvis by Dickerson, James L. , 1997

The story of how Elvis transformed popular music and how Scotty Moore created the guitar sound that has become the prototype for all rock guitar that followed. Guitarist Moore recounts his experiences with the King in an eminently readable and interesting way.
Memories - Sweetened Thru The Ages Just Like Wine by Verbruggen, Peter, 2004

Memories holds over a hundred rare illustrations and takes you back to the days when Elvis Presley filled showroom after showroom. The 160 page book brings back to life the many memories of Elvis Presley's friend and rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson.
Elvis' Man Friday by Smith, Gene, 1994
Light Of Day Publishing , Nashville (TN)

Elvis' cousin Gene Smith tells his story about Elvis
Precious Memories By Donna Presley Early, Edie Hand, 1997
The Best of Times , Birmingham (AL)

Elvis' cousin Donna Presley tells her story of Elvis Presley
The Touch Of Two Kings: Growing Up At Graceland by Stanley, Rick ; Haynes, Michael K., 1986

Memories of life with Elvis by his stepbrother Rick Stanley
Life With Elvis by Stanley, David E. ; Wimbish, David, 1987
Fleming H. Revell Company , Old Tappan (NJ)

Memories of life with Elvis by his stepbrother and personal bodyguard David Stanley
Raised on Rock - Growing Up At Graceland by Stanley, David E. ; Mark Bego, 1996
Mainstream Publishing Company , UK

David Stanley was four-years-old when his mother married Elvis Presley's father. He became part of Elvis's world, from the moments of glory to the tragic ending. Stanley describes his life and his struggle to cope with the legacy of drugs and deception which Elvis bequeathed to him.
Elvis, My Brother by Stanley, Billy ; Erikson, George, 1989
St. Martins Press , New York (NY)

An intimate family memoir of life with Elvis by his stepbrother Billy Stanley
Elvis Presley's Graceland Gates by Loyd, Harold, 1987
Jimmy Velvet Publications , Franklin (TN)

Written by Elvis' uncle Harold Loyd who was a gate guard at Graceland for nearly 20 years. In it you will find many fun and interesting stories from Harold's time at Graceland. Beside all the stories are there many rare pictures of Elvis in private in the book.
A Presley Speaks By Vester Presley, Deda Bonura, 1992
The Wimmer Brothers , Memphis (TN)

Written by Elvis' uncle Vester Presley who was a gate guard at Graceland
Elvis And Me By Priscilla Beaulieu Presley with Sandra Harmon, 1985
Berkley , New York (NY)

Ex-wife of Elvis Presley tells about her life with Elvis Presley
Elvis By The Presleys, 2005
Crown Publishers , New York (NY)

Including personal documents and several previously unseen family photographs, this book will also feature new interviews with Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, family and friends
Elvis In Private by Haining, Peter, 1987
Robert Hale Ltd. , London (UK)

A collection of interviews with those who knew him the best - his friends, girlfriends, co-stars and associates.
Elvis, By Those Who Knew Him Best By Rose Clayton, Dick Heard, 2002
Virgin Books , London (UK)

Imagine Elvis's relatives, friends, musical colleagues and business associates gathering to remember him and swap stories about him. In this close-up and intimate oral biography, that's just what nearly 150 of them do, many of them for the first time. Grammy Award winning Rose Clayton is one of America's leading entertainment and music journalists. She was a friend of Elvis Presley's and during her career she has interviewed virtually every notable person professionally or personally connected with him.
Essential Elvis Interviews By Andrew Hearn 2005
Essential Elvis UK , Worthing

A collection of exclusive interviews with those who knew him the best - his closest friends, members of his elite inner circle, girlfriends, co-stars and associates.
Elvis, Memories Beyond Graceland Gates by Jenkins, Mary , 1997
Eastland Pub. Co. , Paris (TX)

Mary Jenlins Elvis' trusted cook and maid tells her story about life with Elvis for 14 years
Inside Graceland - Elvis' Maid Remembers by Nancy Rooks and Jim Cox, 2005

If you wanted a picture of the life of Elvis Presley, who better to paint it for you than someone who worked as his trusted cook and maid at Graceland? Someone whose daily tasks centered around keeping the 'King of Rock & Roll' happy, whose every move was designed to please the greatest music legend the entertainment world has ever known. Here is that picture, as painted by Nancy Rooks. Nancy worked for Elvis from 1967 until his untimely death in 1977. Read her stories of what those years were like, of what the routines were at Graceland, and what it meant to be close to Elvis and his family on a daily basis. Read the sad account of her rushing upstairs, after a frantic call from Ginger Alden, and finding him on the bathroom floor. This book presents that picture, one that every Elvis fan will want to see.
In The Twilight Of Memory by Juanico, June, 1997
Arcade Publishing , New York (NY)

June Juanico tells about her romance with Elvis in 1956
Over The Fence - A Neighbour's Memories Of Elvis by Erwin, Sara, 1997
The King's Press , Memphis (TN)

Memories of Elvis?s neighboor since Elvis purchased Graceland till the day he passed way
Are You Lonesome Tonight? By Lucy De Barbin & Dary Matera (the russian version) 2000

Presents an account of the author's turbulent twenty-four-year affair with Elvis Presley and reveals their secret relationship.
Elvis's Karate Legacy by Carman, Wayne, 1998
Legacy Entertainment Inc. , Branson (MI)

The untold story of Elvis Presley's faith, spirit and discipline by friend and training partner Wayne Carman
On Tour With Elvis by Brown, Christopher, 1991
Ajax , Ontario (Canada)

This book covers Elvis' complete May/June 1975 tour, 17 shows in 12 days, from May 31 to June 10, 1975. The author of this book - a big Elvis' fan paints a picture of every concert, and includes personal photos and newspaper clippings from every City. Amazing, exciting book that provides the reader with a real feel an Elvis concert.
Elvis In Concert by Brown, Christopher, 1993
self-published , Ajax, Ontario, Canada

This is a great book by Christopher Brown, a big Elvis' fan. Photos, newspaper clippings, gathered together focusing on Elvis shows from 1974 to 1977
Raised On Elvis - A Look Back At The Good Times by Pichon, Sandi Haynes, 2004
Apex Publishing Ltd. , Essex (UK)

Sandi Haynes Pichon, Author, Columnist & President of TCB ELVIS STYLE Fan Club in Louisiana, was Raised on ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! In between the time she sat with him on his motorcycle at his Audubon Drive home until the day she stood weeping by his coffin inside Graceland, Sandi was front row and center for ELVIS concerts all over the country. As a pre-teen in Memphis, she was there to witness a regional attraction which become a national obsession; she devoted years of her adult life to being part of his global audience, and has since dedicated herself to charities that pay homage to his iconic memory.
Elvis And Gladys By Elaine Dundy, 2004
University Press of Mississippi , Jackson

Probably one of the very best books about Elvis -- superbly researched and written.
Last Train To Memphis by Guralnick, Peter, 1994
Abacus , London (UK)

This is the first volume of a two-volume biography of Elvis Presley, a book that justifies the importance of "The King" to American music and culture. It covers Presley's rise up to his mother's death in 1958. The Presley displayed is bright, articulate, energetic - a young man in a hurry with a very real sense of himself and his art, a man with a disdain for convention and yet a yearning for genteel respectability. This is not the Elvis Presley of tabloid headlines and chat show notoriety. Instead, it restores Elvis to his music, telling the story of a young man who, at 19, emerged as a full-blown artist to the wonder of his friends and the world.
Careless Love, The Unmaking Of Elvis Presley By Peter Guralnick, 1999
Little, Brown and Company

A compelling work by rock biographer Peter Guralnick, Careless Love charts the life and career of Elvis Presley from his service with the US Army in Germany to his untimely death in 1977. A definate curiosity after the stunning "Last Train From Memphis."
Elvis, The Boy Who Dared To Rock by Lichter, Paul, 1978
Sphere Books Limited , London (UK)

The illustrated Elvis' biography
Portrait Of The King by Doll, Susan, 1995
Publications International, Ltd. , Lincolnwood (IL)

An oversize biography covers each period of Elvis Presley's life while providing full-color, rare photographs and a final examination of the Elvis phenomenon that continues years after his death.
A Life In Music - The Complete Recording Sessions by Jorgensen, Ernst, 1998
St. Martin's Press , New York (NY)

For the first time, the complete story of Elvis Presley's recording career is told in this remarkable book. With exclusive access to the RCA vaults, producer Ernst Jorgensen brings to life every moment that Elvis spent in the studio - from the spontaneous joy of his early sessions to the intensely creative periods of his later career. At once the definitive recording session guide and a compellingly readable narrative, this is the ultimate companion to the singer and his songs.
Elvis Day by Day by Guralnick, Peter ; Jorgensen, Ernst, 1999
Ballantine Publishing Group , New York (NY)

From details of his childhood in Tupelo, through his rise to success, to his death, a chronology of Elvis Presley's life and career draws on an array of archival material, photographs, documents, letters, artifacts, and memorabilia.
Infinite Elvis: An Annotated Bibliography by Hinds, Mary Hancock, 2001
Acapella Books , Chicago (IL)

Here, for the first time anywhere, is a precise measurement of a celebrity's impact on American culture. This annotated, highly readable listing details the verified book titles, magazines, dissertations, and significant articles about Elvis Presley. The entries show that Elvis was more than just a popular-culture phenomenon. Besides documentation of his concerts, the food he ate, and posthumous Elvis sightings, here is the proof of Elvis's impact on every aspect of American life: his invention of rock 'n' roll; his spurring of the sexual revolution; his influence on the civil rights movement; how his death changed the media's treatment of celebrities; and how a new religion devoted to Elvis has become part of the mainstream.
The Rough Guide to Elvis By Paul Simpson, 2002
Rough Guides Limited , London (UK)

This new edition of the Rough Guide to Elvis, will be the most up-to-date guide on every aspect of The King, from his songs to his record collection, his cars to his costumes, from his birth to his mythic afterlife. The guide charts his life, the music, the 50 essential Presley songs, the collectables, the museums, a world tour of the essential Elvis sights - from Graceland to Germany - and the Icon - Elvis as king, star, image and myth. That such a small and accessable book could contain so much information is astounding. Simson gives us plenty of information on Elvis infuences and the influence he has had on everything, reviews of every film and album, theories on his death (or faked death *rolls eyes*) and detailed analysis on his best songs.
Elvis In Hawaii By Jerry Hopkins, 2002
Bess Press Inc.

It is well known that Elvis loved Hawai'i. Not only did he perform in the islands in three decades, making movies and performing concerts, this was the King of Rock and Roll's favourite vacation spot. Elvis in Hawai'i guides readers through the King's relationships with the islands in a fully-illustrated story, using over 100 photographs, many previously unpublished and memorabilia from personal collections.
Elvis In Texas By Lori Torrance, Stanley Oberst, 2002
Republic of Texas Press

This book has never-before-seen photographs, interviews, and memorabilia of Elvis's tours of Texas in 1955 and 1956 when he was just another kid trying to break into the music business. Also includes a chapter on his triumphant return in the seventies.
Is Elvis Alive? By Gail Brewer-Giorgio, 1988

Argues that Elvis Presley forged his own death certificate, and lists possible evidence that he is still alive, including the alleged Elvis sightings.
Elvis: A King Forever by Gibson, Robert ; Shaw, Sid, 1993
Shaw Enterprises , London (UK)

Traces the life of Elvis Presley, looks at his films recording career, and memorabilia, and attempt's to portray his complex personality.
Elvis By Dave Marsh, 1992
Omnibus Press

Elvis Presley' biography by Dave March. Contains a lot of photos
Elvis Presley: The Man, The Life, The Legend by Keogh, Pamela Clarke, 2004
Simon & Schuster UK Ltd. , London (UK)

With ELVIS PRESLEY Pamela Keogh compellingly examines Elvis's life and style to reveal the generous, complex, spiritual man behind the fourteen-carat gold sunglasses. As Keogh demonstrates in ELVIS PRESLEY, Presley is in every sense a dynamic style icon - a man who travelled from poverty to fame, and through his very life defined modern culture. Drawing from extensive research and interviews Keogh introduces readers to the distinctive Elvises that emerged throughout his career, complete with fascinating insights into his life and times.
The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story Of Colonel Tom Parker And Elvis Presley by Nash, Alanna, 2003
Simon & Schuster, Inc. , New York (NY)

Alanna Nash's book was praised in hardback as the final word on one of the music business's most extraordinary and sinister figures. About the only indisputable thing about him was that he was Elvis Presley's manager. The Colonel was not a real colonel, shows Nash: he bought the title from a man in Louisiana, and was himself an army deserter, eventually discharged after being diagnosed a psychopath. He was actually a Dutchman, christened Andreas van Kujik, who may have come to America, illegally, to escape arrest for bludgeoning a woman to death. He behaved like a fairground barker in all his dealings with record companies and film studios because that's exactly what he was: a 'carny man'. Alanna Nash's book is more than a compulsive and fascinating read: it explains for the first time the odd trajectory of Elvis's career: Parker never booked him to tour Europe because of the dark secret that prevented him from going back there; but he did book Elvis, even at the height of his fame, into gruelling seasons in Las Vegas so that his own gambling debts there would never be called in. Throughout their partnership, Elvis took, as Parker put, '50 per cent of everything I earn.'
Elvis And The Memphis Mafia by Alanna Nash

"Elvis and the Memphis Mafia" is the re-issue of the "Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations of the Memphis Mafia" book
That's All Right: The Memphis Recording Service, Vol. 1, 2005

This wonderful edition about Elvis' first two years at the Memphis Recording Service (Sun Records). The set will contain a 5.1 audio DVD, a vinyl 45 RPM single and a detailed book with exclusive new information, unseen documents and color photos covering the humble beginnings of Elvis Presley's music career and its effects on the birth of Rock'n'Roll during 1953 -1954.
REMEMBER ELVIS by Joe Esposito

Elvis' longtime right-hand man Joe Esposito's book is a compilation of 200 interviews, from Hilton doormen to Steve Wynn, Jerry Weintraub, Dick Clark, Kenny Rogers, and ex-girlfriends.
Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977
by Spike Collamore, Michael Best

This book includes memories of the day Elvis died from all over the world.
Me and a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley
by Jerry Schilling, Chuck Crisafulli

Jerry Schillings memories about Elvis
My Life Before, During and After Elvis Presley
by By John Wilkinson and Nick Moretti

Elvis Presley's TCB Band rhythm guitarist, John Wilkinson, tells his story. The first member of the TCB Band to write a book, Wilkinson describes meeting Elvis Presley twice as a boy and a young man, who left a lasting impression on the King of Rock and Roll. So much so that when Elvis decided to form a band, quit the movies and return to live performance, he tapped John (who was also recommended by Presley's lead guitarist, the legendary James Burton) to join. From the first concert in 1969 until the final in 1977, John played more than 1,100 performances with Elvis, never missing a show. For fans curious about what Elvis was really like during these years, Wilkinson's wonderful story will reassure them that Elvis never lost it and always had it. A must for any Elvis fan's book collection and a great story for anyone who enjoys musician biographies.
The Blue Moon Boys: The Story of Elvis Presley's Band
by Ken Burke, Dan Griffin, Brian Setzer (Foreword)

Boasting never-before-told stories of life on the road with a young Elvis, this comprehensive guide to Elvis' band gives an insider's view of how the band worked with him onstage, in the studio, and in movies, and features the first comprehensive look at their post-Presley lives and careers. Band members Scotty Moore, D. J. Fontana, and Bill Black created the Sun sound with Elvis, which has influenced such legendary performers as Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Fogerty, and Charlie Watts. Based on interviews with Moore, Fontana, and the family of the late Bill Black, this resource provides first-hand insights that have never before seen print, as well as several previously unpublished photographs. Extensive coverage of the entire history of the band makes this book is a must for Elvis fans, rockabilly aficionados, and anyone interested in the early history of rock 'n' roll.
The Love Me Tender Years Diary
by Trude Forsher

Trude Forsher was the private secretary and publicist to Elvis Presley and The Colonel from 1956 - 1961. She later was a television show producer in Los Angeles and a human rights activist.

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